8th Annual CEE Energy Conference - Shaping the markets of Central Eastern Europe

Start/Stop Date:
30 Sep–01 Oct 2010
EastEuro Link
Budapest, Hungary
Focus Areas:
Renewables, security and diversification
Type of Event:

With major issues regarding energy security and diversity on the minds of the EU, Central Eastern Europe (CEE) stands as the region with the highest dependency rates on energy imports. EastEuro Link brings you the 8th annual CEE Energy conference taking place in Budapest and will discuss the most topical issues in the market.

Acting as an intermediary region between gas and oil supplies coming from the Middle East and Russia to Western Europe, it is undergoing major structural changes in order to build these new energy supply systems. All four of the European pipelines will be in attendance in a panel discussion that is not to be missed.

It is also important that CEE is looking very keenly at opportunities in the market for clean energy development. Renewable Energy will be the focus on day two with the European Commission discussing energy efficiency policies.

And finally with an increased income of energy from all of these multiple sources, power transmission is a major issue on the minds of CEE energy players. In order to fully harness its new energy resources CEE must update power networks and consider increasing interconnections. The Hungarian Power Exchange will be looking into this key area.

Conference programme