Call for Papers - Atlantic EE Workshop

Start/Stop Date:
06 Sep 2010
University College Dublin
Centre for European Policy Studies, 1 Place de Congres, 1000 - Brussels, Belgium
Focus Areas:
Energy efficiency
Type of Event:

The Atlantic Energy Efficiency Project is funded by the European Commission (DG RELEX). This is one of the seven projects funded by DG RELEX under the Pilot Project ‘Transatlantic Methods for Handling Global Challenges’.

Its primary objective is to develop mutual understanding about plans and performance in regard to energy efficiency policy and technology in Europe and the US, and the opportunities for mutual learning and shared initiatives. A second objective is to relate these insights to global developments, and in particular in regard to developments in China, India and Japan.
The project is directed by the Earth Sciences Institute, University College Dublin (Frank J Convery Director) in partnership with the University of California Berkeley (Michael Hanemann), the Centre for European Policy Studies (Christian Egenhofer) and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (Owen Lewis), guided by a steering committee which includes the International Energy Agency (Lisa Ryan) and the Association for the Conservation of Energy (Andrew Warren).

You are invited to submit an Abstract (not more than 800 words) for a paper to be presented in summary form at a Workshop which will be convened in Brussels (Centre for European Policy Studies, 1 Place du Congres, 1000)
, September 23 and 24, 2010, with the emphasis on ex post evidence based performance.  The scope can address any of the following: energy efficiency performance by: city, region, State or country; sector (industry, electricity, transport, residential and commercial, agriculture, other); policy instrument (market based, command and control, information, voluntary agreement, research and development).
The Abstract should outline: title, authors and affiliation; scope; methodology, key findings; contact name and phone and email address.

This workshop will present the first wave of findings of the project in regard to energy efficiency plans and performance. On September 23, the key elements in the Commissioned papers will be presented, followed on the morning of September 24 by summaries of the papers selected on the basis of this Open Call. The structure will be as follows:

  • Overall – a global overview, and transport
  • The European Union overall, and in two case study member states (UK and Austria)
  • The US overall, and in two case-study States (California and Vermont)
  • Papers accepted from Open Call

The emphasis will be on lessons learned, what has worked, what can be learned from what has not worked, and what direction policy – including innovation policy and research and development - should take in the future in order to maximise progress. Performance will include collateral benefits, such as reduced air pollution.

For each of the papers accepted, travel to and accommodation expenses in Brussels for one author will be paid by the project. It is envisaged that accepted papers will be put on the project web site for comment and review; this needs to be acceptable to authors whose papers are accepted.
Applications should comprise the Abstract and contact details, and be sent to:
Sheila Convery, Project Manager ( not later than 17:00, Monday, September 6, 2010. You will be informed not later than 17:00 Friday September 10 with a decision.