Call for papers: Sharing experiences to phase-out inefficient lighting and promoting more efficient alternatives

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30 Sep 2010
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Last week the “International Workshop on Phase-out of Inefficient Lighting: Policies Strategies and Issues” was held in Beijing. The aim of this workshop was to bring together governments and other stakeholders from around the world to share experiences in preparing for and implementing Phase-out strategies that are appropriate to local needs. We all learned a great deal.
However, Phase-out is a process that will continue for many years. We will all continue to learn as we progress, and have to adjust our policies and implementation programmes as more information becomes available and new problems arise. Therefore it is important to continue to share our knowledge and experiences to make the process as smooth as possible for all our stakeholders.
As an initial step to continuing this sharing process, the PILESLAMP programme will soon launch an English version of our programme website so all our international stakeholders will be able to follow progress within China ( We would like to go further and share current knowledge and best practice with our colleagues within China and beyond. So within the website we will be including links to many other sources of information around the world. But we would also like to be able to present some of the most up-to-date information in one place. Therefore we are launching a Call for Papers.
We are seeking papers on all the key issues related to the Phase-out of inefficient lighting and promotion of more efficient alternatives. All papers will be peer reviewed by an expert panel with the best papers being placed on the PILESLAMP website and in journals across China.
Closing date for this year’s submissions is Thursday 30 September, 2010. Dowload the call for paper for details of the topics and submission details.
We look forward to learning from all your submissions and sharing this information with our colleagues around the world.