CIE 2010 lighting quality and energy efficiency

Start/Stop Date:
14–17 Mar 2010
CIE, Austria
Focus Areas:
Lighting quality & energy efficiency
Type of Event:

Good lighting brings safety, security and a better quality of life to all but needs to be related to the supply of the correct amount of light and with good colour rendering, with the minimal use of resources.

CIE 2010 will therefore highlight

  • Surveys of experimental projects
  • Lighting techniques & scenarios
  • Integrated approaches in Lighting Design
  • Lighting quality criteria
  • Future possible lighting schemes
  • Methods to compare lighting installations
  • Case studies of energy-efficient lighting
  • Review of energy-efficient lighting control systems
  • Energy efficiency and environmental compatibility

As President of the CIE, and as Conference President, I am proud to present CIE 2010 “Lighting Quality & Energy Efficiency” as a unique forum to get to know the latest developments and results and invite you to join in the effort to enhance lighting quality and reduce energy consumption worldwide.

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