Clean steelmaking in the UK: How do we get there?

Start/Stop Date:
01 Mar 2023
Focus Areas:
Clean Steel Making
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Industrial decarbonisation is one of the most pressing issues in the race to tackle climate change, and of the heavy industries, iron and steel ranks first for greenhouse gas emissions and second for energy consumption. In this webinar, researchers from CREDS, Green Alliance and IDRIC will lay out their findings on comparisons of the leading technology and policy options for decarbonising the UK iron and steel industries, the results of stakeholder interviews and other research looking at the main barriers to decarbonisation, and pathways to low emissions steelmaking.

This event will provide attendees with a greater understanding of cost-effective ways to lower greenhouse gas emissions from steelmaking over a range of timescales. It will also provide a platform on which to take forward discussions with policymakers over changes to policy and regulation that could stimulate decarbonisation while growing the industry and improving international competitiveness.

We have six speakers who have recently been investigating these issues:

Dr Andrew Pimm will talk about his research into the costs, emissions, and energy requirements of low emissions steelmaking processes, as well as providing insight into the role of heat pumps in the industry.

Dr Pepa Ambrosio-Albalá will talk about her work with key stakeholders from the steel industry and their views on the future of the steel industry in the UK and main challenges ahead.

Dr Clare Richardson-Barlow will talk about her work on the policy and pricing options available to drive decarbonisation of iron and steel production in the UK.

Alice Garvey will talk about her report on industrial decarbonisation policies for the Climate Change Committee, and research on the technology and material efficiency scenarios for net zero emissions in the UK steel sector.

Dr Verner Viisainen will talk about Green Alliance’s recent report on a potential route to clean steel production in the UK, along with the policy changes required to make it a reality.

Then finally Dr Julian Gregory will discuss how various economic and socio-political issues that have arisen since the UK steel industry was privatised in 1988, are currently creating barriers to the decarbonisation of the UK steelmaking industry.

The event will end with an opportunity to ask questions of the speakers.

The event will be chaired by Prof. William Gale of the University of Leeds. Until recently, Prof. Gale was Director of the Centre for Integrated Energy Research (CIER), and has interests in energy, materials, and aviation/aerospace. Prof. Gale is the Principal Investigator on the CREDS Theme ‘Complete decarbonisation of the UK steel industry’.