Climate target(s) vs industrial policy – can we do both?

Start/Stop Date:
06 Nov 2013
The Society for Politics and Business
European Parliament, Room JAN 4Q2
Focus Areas:
EU's new energy and climate framework
Type of Event:

The global energy landscape is changing rapidly: Shale gas has revolutionized the American energy market and prices are now around 50 percent lower in the US than Europe. Germany is phasing out all its nuclear power by 2022. 90 percent of all carbon emissions now come from outside the EU.

What does all this mean for EU’s new energy and climate framework that is now being forged? What target(s) should be set – only one for CO2 emissions or do we also need a renewables target? Targets for competitiveness and security of supply? When should new targets be adopted, before or after the international climate negotiations in Paris 2015?

And, what are the consequences of the various options on the table? For the environment? For industry, growth and jobs? Is it compatible with EU’s industrial policy?

The panel includes:
Britta Thomsen, Shadow rapporteur 2030 framework S&D
Tom Howes, Deputy Head of Unit DG Energy
Maria Sunér Fleming, Director Climate and Energy Policy Swedish Enterprise

The seminar will be held at the European Parliament on November 6 from 13.00-14.30, in the meeting room JAN 4Q2. Before the seminar a lighter lunch will be served at 12.30 just outside the room.

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