Decarbonisation– 100% Renewable Energy and more: Transformation pathways to a greenhouse gas neutral and resource efficient society

Start/Stop Date:
17 Oct 2017
Umwelt Bundesamt, Germany
Tagungswerk Jerusalemkirche, Lindenstraße 85, 10969 Berlin
Focus Areas:
Renewable energy
Type of Event:

Conference context
The scientific underpinning leaves no doubt: GHG emissions need to be drastically reduced across all economic sectors to keep global warming below 2°C. Studies across EU Member States have shown that moving towards an energy system that uses 100% renewable sources is technically and economically feasible. Effective decarbonisation strategies need to tackle all sectors and find integrated solutions, taking into account interactions and synergies between sectors and with other policy areas.

The workshop looks at how industrial nations will be able to reach the greenhouse gas neutrality target regarding different sectors and fields of action, and which implications this might have on the use of natural resources. Thus the workshop attempts to bridge climate protection and resource efficiency, i.e. conserving resources, and serves as a platform for an international scientific exchange between different players.
Targeted are political and administrative, economical and scientific decision makers who can bring their views and experiences to the table and at the same time can profit from those insights and findings represented at the different sessions.
Conference structure
The conference will include sessions on:
▸        Introduction into the RTD Project – Germany 2050: Resource efficiency as an indispensable element of future climate policy
▸        Buildings and constructions
▸        Transformations pathways to a greenhouse gas neutral and resource efficient society (panel discussion)
Conference agenda
A detailed agenda of the conference and an online registration form for this event will be available soon.
Information about the last workshop in Berlin (8th November 2016) and the accompanying documentation is now available here.
We are looking forward to meeting you in Berlin.