EU leading on renewable energy policy - delivering on 2020 targets and beyond

Start/Stop Date:
17 Mar 2015
European Commission
Conference Centre Brussels Environment - Tour & Taxis Avenue du Port 86C 3000 1000 Brussels Belgium
Focus Areas:
Policy and legal framework, technological innovation
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The current EU renewable energy framework has been successful in triggering a profound transformation of the European energy sector. Renewable energy is becoming mainstream – not only in the EU, but also in the rest of the world, and this is a result of determined European energy and climate policies. With five years to go to 2020, and the overall renewable energy projected share of 15.3% for 2014, the EU is well on track towards its 2020 renewable energy target.
In the European Union, the Renewable Energy Directive provided the necessary incentive for investments in high-tech renewable energy technologies, development of new industrial sectors, economic growth and employment. In 2015, it continues to contribute to the positive transformation of the European energy sector.

The President of the Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, has made it clear that his objective is to ensure that the EU remains the world leader in renewable energy. This is not only a matter of a responsible climate change policy, but also an industrial policy imperative.

The October 2014 European Council Conclusions on the 2030 energy and climate package set the political framework for the Commission to act on this promise. In order to deliver, the Commission has already started to act on three different fronts.

  • First, as Guardian of the Treaties and of the implementation of the secondary legislation, the European Commission will support Member States in meeting their 2020 renewable energy targets;
  • Second, the Commission will already now take steps to prepare for a shift to the post-2020 political framework and reaching the target of at least 27% renewable energy by 2030, notably through the new governance system.
  • Thirdly, the plans for the Energy Union will be launched at the end of February, setting the agenda for this Commission over the next years.

By being pioneers and leading in the deployment of renewable energy, Europe shows the rest of the world that decarbonisation is possible. Moreover, the significant programmes and projects initiated in Europe have converted renewables from a discrete contributor to the energy mix to a visible and reliable source of energy for everyone.
Through this event, we aim to address the contribution of renewable energies to sustainability, security and competitiveness, through:

  • EU leadership in policy and regulatory framework,

The potential of renewable energy technologies to further support jobs and growth in Europe.