Digi-label Conference

Start/Stop Date:
26 Mar 2019
Digi‐Label Project - PocketWatt
The Office - Rue D’Arlon 80, Brussels, Belgium
Focus Areas:
efficient appliances, EU energy label
Type of Event:

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PocketWatt - Developing digital Energy Labelling solutions to enable consumer action on purchasing more energy‐efficient appliances

10h00 Registration and Welcome Coffee/Tea

10h30 Welcome, Project Overview and Summary of Goals

Talia Brun Marcen, Project Advisor, Horizon 2020, European Commission - Katie Searle, Energy Saving Trust: Welcome and project overview from the Commission’s Project Manager and the Project Coordinator; summarising the project and its objectives

10h45 PocketWatt in the Field – Implementation at the National Level

Juraj Krivosik, SEVEn - Margarita Puente, Escan Consultoría Energética: PocketWatt across each of the five countries: Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom; focus on achievements in Spain

11:00 Digi‐Label Tool – Project Impact and Evaluation

Simon Hirzel, Fraunhofer Institute: Evidence based impact of Digi‐Label – product sales, interview with shop representatives and customers

11h30 Lessons Learned and Recommendations

Marie Baton, CLASP Europe: A summary of the lessons learned from the project, across the countries and recommendations to manufacturers, retailers and policy‐makers for future work in this area.

11h45 PocketWatt: Facilitating Access to the EPREL Database

Paolo Tosoratti, Policy Officer, DG Energy, European Commission: An update on the status of the EPREL Database and the Commission’s intention to use PocketWatt as a means of enabling consumers to easily interact with and use the Database.

12h00 Panel Discussion on PocketWatt, EPREL and Creating an Efficient Future. Five panellists covering government, manufacturers, retailers, consumers and PocketWatt:

  • Paolo Tosoratti, Policy Officer, DG Energy, European Commission
  • Viktor Sundberg, VP of Environmental and EU Affairs, Electrolux
  • Retailer perspective – expert TBD
  • Margarita Puente, Escan / Spain Lead
  • Franz Michel, vzbz / Germany – consumer perspective

Questions and discussion from the meeting participants.

13h00 Networking Lunch and Thank You

A buffet lunch will be provided, enabling delegates to network, discuss ideas and interest with the Digi‐Label team partners. QR codes will be available to allow delegates to try the tool during lunch.

For more information about the Digi‐Label Project, please visit: https://pocketwatt.eu/