Webinar: Energy efficiency - a profit center for companies! A strategic and financial discussion of the multiple benefits of energy efficiency

Start/Stop Date:
12 May 2016
DSM University in co-operation with Leonardo Energy
Webinar 15:00 - 16:00 CET
Focus Areas:
Multiple benefits of energy efficiency
Type of Event:

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Speaker: Catherine Cooremans

Moderator: Hans de Keulenaer

Investments in energy efficiency not only result in a reduction of energy consumption —the energy benefit— but they also entail non-energy benefits such as improved product quality, reduced production time or improved comfort in sales area. Non-energy benefits significantly improve the business case of energy-efficiency investments in the business sector by raising their strategic character.

Within this context, the aim of this webinar is to discuss a methodology to describe and analyze the industrial non-energy benefits of energy efficiency. Linking energy, operational, strategic and financial aspects, this new conceptual framework enables to move away from the common view of energy as a commodity (where the only goal is to save kilowatt-hours) to adopt a new perspective on energy and energy services as strategic value for businesses.

This methodology will be further developed and documented by Task 26 Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency, a project of IEA Demand Side Management Energy Efficiency Technology Collaboration Program, in close collaboration with practitioners, academic researchers and public programmers. People or Institutions interested by Task 26 are most welcome to contact me.