eceee 2015 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency

Start/Stop Date:
01–06 Jun 2015
European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee)
Club Belambra Les Criques, Presqu’île de Giens Toulon/Hyères, France
Focus Areas:
energy efficiency
Type of Event:

Keeping energy efficiency on the top of the agenda

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eceee 2015 Summer Study on energy efficiency
1–6 June 2015
Club Belambra Les Criques, Presqu’île de Giens
Toulon/Hyères, France

Since 1993, eceee’s biennial Summer Study has explored solutions to our energy-related dilemmas by providing evidence-based knowledge on the full range of energy efficiency topics. In an informal setting conducive to networking and exchange of information, experts work to learn from each other and ensure energy efficiency is fully integrated into energy and climate policies.

In 2013, the International Energy Agency (IEA) dubbed energy efficiency the world’s First Fuel.  Global energy saving investments – and their effects on energy demand – are now equal to the net contribution of other fuel sources, the IEA said, and valued worldwide energy efficiency investments in 2011 at $300 billion (€221bn), a level on a par with global funding of renewable energy and fossil fuel power sources.

Energy efficiency is thus already a fundamental component of our energy and environment policies. Cutting energy demand reduces greenhouse gas emissions in a more cost-effective way than any other energy policy. Massive investments in energy efficiency will create jobs, make Europe more resilient and productive and improve our energy security. But energy efficiency still does not get the recognition from policy makers that it deserves.

The European Energy Efficiency Directive is an important step forward for Europe. The current 2030 policy framework discussions will shape our energy future for years to come. COP 21 in Paris 2015 is another key event that will shape our future.

This is exciting times and the papers presented at the Summer Study will help define how we can make energy efficiency truly recognised as the first fuel.

Join us in June 2015!

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