International Conference ee-WISE – Tools for improving the energy efficiency in buildings

Start/Stop Date:
16 Sep 2014
Valencia, Spain
Focus Areas:
Energy efficiency in buildings
Type of Event:

Over the last few years we have been working with enormous enthusiasm, convinced that the Energy Efficiency retrofitting of buildings is the best way to boost the green economy in Europe. In order to achieve this, we have developed a Knowledge Transfer Framework Tool, which is available to each and every one of you.

Furthermore the ee-WiSE consortium would like to kindly invite you on the 16th of September to our closing event in Valencia, Spain. We are confident that the conference would provide numerous solutions/ideas to everyone who is facing the revival of the construction sector, seriously harmed by the world economic crisis in the recent years.

Please do visit our website where you could find additional information about the event and include it in your schedule! If successful - our mission would strongly affect the future of the construction industry! And that could be achieved only if we work together!

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