EFEX 2019 Brussels Conference

Start/Stop Date:
24 Sep 2019
American Council for an Energy Efficienct Economy (ACEEE)
SQUARE Convention Center, Brussels
Focus Areas:
Clean energy future
Type of Event:

Join us to explore transatlantic cooperation for building a clean energy future

The Energy Future Exchange (EFEX) Program is hosting a dynamic, don’t-miss conference in Brussels to explore the power and potential of the transatlantic relationship between the US and the European Union (EU) for jointly creating clean, climate-friendly economies.
There’s never been a more crucial time for this dialogue. Europe and the United States are grappling with the increasingly urgent need to address greenhouse gas emissions and energy use.
While EU nations have typically led national rankings on energy efficiency and climate action, they need to ramp up their efforts to meet the newly adopted Directive on Energy Efficiency goal of 32.5% by 2030 and the 2030 target of 40% reduction in GHG emissions from 1990 levels. At the same time, the US federal government is poised to gut key energy efficiency provisions such as vehicle fuel economy and appliance standards that could have long-term adverse impacts. 
EFEX 2019, a full-day event with outstanding speakers and innovative exhibitors, is part of a one-week study tour to see how civil society –  SMEs, large industry, high-tech innovators, policy researchers, community groups, trade organizations – is pushing for a more aspirational and inspiring energy policy. The 2019 tour will begin in the heart of European parliamentary democracy, Brussels, and also visit Antwerp’s green ports, Rotterdam’s smart cities, and Amsterdam.
The conference will coincide with the European Parliament’s new session and the selection of the new European Commission president, events that will play a vital role in shaping Europe’s clean energy future.
The EFEX program is a joint initiative of ACEEE, the Ecologic Institute in Washington DC, and the Ecologic Institute in Germany, and is made possible through the generous financial support of the Delegation of the European Union to the United States.
Over the past two years, the EFEX project has brought together leading thinkers and doers from both sides of the Atlantic to discuss and explore innovations in policy and practice that are creating our shared energy future. From Denver, Houston, and Pittsburgh to Edinburgh, Toulouse, and Zagreb, it has showcased how civil society is serving as a catalyst for the successful transition to a sustainable, affordable, and resilient energy system. It has focused particularly on the roles of energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, and renewable energy.
For more information on the tour and conference, contact Max Gruenig or Brendan O’Donnell
We look forward to seeing you in Brussels in September!


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