Workshop: Increasing energy efficiency in buildings for a competitive Europe

Start/Stop Date:
25 Feb 2015
European Heating Industry (EHI) and European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE).
16:30 - 18:00 Sicco Mansholt Room, European Commission, Charlemagne Building, Rue de la Loi 170, 1000 Brussels
Focus Areas:
Energy efficiency
Type of Event:

Energy efficiency: the growth pillar of the Energy Union

On 25 February 2015 the European Heating Industry (EHI) and the European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE) organize a workshop to highlight the contribution that energy efficiency could play to address heating and cooling demand in buildings in the Energy Union, outlining its contribution in achieving the EU’s climate and energy as well as economic growth objectives.

The workshop will showcase the technology and market potential of this typically European industry, as well as highlight concrete regulatory challenges and opportunities to provide Europe’s buildings with ever-increasing heating efficiency. Points for discussion will include:

  • Facts & figures about the European building sector: the largest energy efficiency potential.
  • How can we make EU buildings more energy-efficient?
  • What are the business solutions to achieve more efficiency in heating and thus to contribute to achieve the EU energy saving goals?
  • Can energy efficiency policies in the building sector increase Europe’s competitiveness?

The debate will aim at ensuring full participation of representatives from the building sector, in the challenge of recognizing energy efficiency as the cross-sectorial, growth pillar of the European energy transition. The event is one of the official side events organized in the context of the European Commission conference “Heating and Cooling in the European energy transition”.

The workshop will gather a selected group of business representatives from the heating and cooling sector, representatives from the European Commission, civil society and other stakeholders. Please find enclosed the meeting agenda and further background on the event.