Ending energy poverty in Europe

Start/Stop Date:
07 Jul 2016
Public Policy Exchange
Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre, Brussels
Focus Areas:
Energy poverty
Type of Event:

In 2015, the European Commission published a new study on the status of energy poverty in Europe, in which some crucial conclusions to tackle the challenge were underlined, such as the importance of establishing an adequate definition of energy poverty, financially supporting national policies as well as continuing to set minimum standards for energy efficient buildings and domestic appliances.

However, EU Member States have proved to be unable to reach a broad consensus regarding a common definition for energy poverty: less than a third of European countries officially recognises the issue or provides a definition for the phenomenon, and among them, only few incorporated it into their national legislation. Yet, the efforts made are at risk of fading away due to the nonexistence of a widely accepted EU position, which therefore obstructs the creation of a comprehensive European framework towards a common and efficiency strategy to fight energy poverty.

Additionally, several studies indicate that very limited research has been conducted across EU member states on energy poverty and, apart from a few exceptions, most European countries have mainly focused on addressing the issue through short-term solutions such as direct financial assistance and social welfare instead of developing long-term strategies aimed at protecting vulnerable consumers.

This timely symposium provides an invaluable opportunity to discuss the latest developments in tackling energy poverty at a European level. This symposium will explore the importance of reaching a common European strategy on energy poverty and discuss the next steps to be taken towards the full liberalisation of the energy market. It will also focus on the importance of empowering citizens and local communities with a particular emphasis on the need to develop efficient measures to protect vulnerable consumers.

Delegates will:

  • Discuss ways towards the establishment of a common EU strategy to end energy poverty in Europe
  • Define ways to support national policies through EU Funding schemes and to further liberalise the EU Energy Market
  • Promote measures to empower citizens and protect vulnerable consumers

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