Technology Challenges and Regional Approaches for Integrating Renewables and Energy Security

Start/Stop Date:
27–28 May 2015
European Commission
Thon Hotel EU, Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 75, B-1040 Brussels
Focus Areas:
Renewables and energy security
Type of Event:

Energy from variable renewable sources is increasingly changing the landscape of production, transmission and consumption of electricity and heat. Although increasingly competitive in terms of costs of generation, electricity produced by renewable sources poses new challenges in terms of integration and operation in the energy system.
This conference is the opportunity to exchange views with European and national policy makers, representatives from industry and regional and local authorities, academia and research institutions, addressing among others the following questions:

  • How can new technologies contribute to the integrating of renewables?
  • How can regional approaches facilitate the integration of renewables?
  • How can the integration of renewables enhance energy security?
  • What does the energy system of the future look like?

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