Energy and cost efficiency in data centres - New trends, strategies and tools

Start/Stop Date:
13 Sep 2012
Berliner Energie Ahentur
Berlin, Germany
Focus Areas:
Energy and cost eficiency in data centres
Type of Event:

Berliner Energie Agentur  is a partner in the EU project PrimeEnergyIT on energy efficient data centres. In the course of the project, the international conference „Energy and cost efficiency in data centres - New trends, strategies and tools" will take place in Berlin on September 13th, 2012. The conference provides an update on central strategic and technological issues and solutions addressing the challenges of energy efficient data centres of the upcoming years.

Energy and cost efficiency in data centres are one of the central aspects to be considered for sustainable data centre concepts meeting the increasing demand for IT-services over the next decade. There are hundreds of thousands computer centres in the European Union that emit huge amounts of CO2. However, just 20 to 40 percent of the energy used is actually consumed for computing and IT processing operations. The rest mainly goes to the infrastructure.

This is where the project PrimeEnergyIT steps in. The project supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme seeks to establish a Europe-wide market for energy-efficient computer centres focussing on components like cooling or procurement processes that have a severe impact on the energy and cost efficiency rather than on the entire data centre itself. Cost efficient implementation of energy efficient technologies and optimized hardware provide energy and cost savings of up to 50 percent. The PrimeEnergyIT conference provides a platform for IT hardware, infrastructure and procurement managers, consultants, and other IT experts to discuss the latest developments, chances and challenges from process monitoring and computer networking to data storage energy management. International experts will present trends and future strategies for energy and cost efficient central IT infrastructure and ways for effective implementation in practice.

To register for the conference (free of charge) please write an e-mail to providing your name and institution. For more information and the conference programme please check the details below and visit the project website.

No registration feee - Lunch offered