Energy Efficiency Academy: The role of municipal energy counsellors in Sweden

Start/Stop Date:
3 Apr 2024
European Copper Institute, Odyssee-Mure, ECEEE
Leonardo ENERGY webinar channel
Focus Areas:
Energy Advisory Services
Type of Event:

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In Sweden, there has been nationwide coverage of municipal energy and climate advisors for almost three decades. These counsellors offer free, technology-neutral advice to the general public, organizations, and small and medium-sized businesses on all matters related to energy. They are trained and funded by the Swedish Energy Agency but otherwise integrated as officials within their municipalities. Advisory services are widely regarded as highly effective policy instruments for promoting energy efficiency, although due to their structure, exact figures on their impact are not available.
Join us for this webinar to learn about the role these municipal energy advisors play in achieving energy efficiency targets, and how their expertise can benefit individuals, organizations, and businesses alike.