Energy efficiency in the EU transport sector: Where are we and where do we need to go?

Start/Stop Date:
29 Nov 2023
European Copper Institute, Odyssee-Mure, ECEEE
Leonardo ENERGY webinar channel
Focus Areas:
Energy Efficiency Targets, Energy Efficiency First Principle, exemplary role of public sector, closing the gap to EED 2030 targets, heating strategy, energy poverty, sufficiency
Type of Event:

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Energy Efficiency Academy 2

The EU has an ambitious transition goal for the transport sector. This webinar will analyse the state of this transition and look at how fast changes are taking place in terms of energy consumption and improvements in energy efficiency. It will show the main drivers of growth in energy demand in transport and quantify energy savings. This webinar will in particular analyse energy efficiency trends in the EU since 2010 and the impact of COVID-19 in 2020.

Key messages

  • After 6 years of decline, EU transport energy consumption is rising again since 2013.
  • Transport accounts for 31% of final energy use in the EU.
  • The sector lags far behind other sectors.


  • Bruno Lapillonne (Enerdata)
  • Estelle Payan (Enerdata)

Moderator: Diedert Debusscher (European Copper Institute)

After the presentations, which will last approximately 30 minutes, there will be a 15-minute dialogue with the audience. During this time, you can ask your questions and engage in discussions with the speakers.