Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes and other market-based instruments: scaling up to the 2030 targets!

Start/Stop Date:
07 Dec 2023
ENSMOV Plus project
Tour Légende, 20 Place de la Défense, 92800 Puteaux, France
Focus Areas:
Member States' energy savings obligation (Energy Efficiency Directive)
Type of Event:

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This workshop will contribute to share experience among countries and stakeholders about the implementation of Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes (EEOS) in Europe:

  • What have been the latest results and lessons learnt among EEOS in Europe?
  • What are the main recent changes?
  • What are further key changes expected from the new Energy Efficiency Directive entered into force in October 2023?
  • How do stakeholders of EEOS reach and support final customers?
  • How do stakeholders contribute to tackle energy poverty?

This is what we will learn about and discuss on Thursday 7 December: join us!

Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes (EEOS) delivered one third of the cumulative energy savings over 2014-2020 reported by the Member States to the energy savings obligation set in the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (former Article 7, now Article 8). They were the policy instrument with the largest share of cumulative savings, before energy and CO2 taxes (17%) and financing schemes and instruments (14%). EEOS therefore represent a major part in the implementation of the energy savings obligation, with 14 Member States having an EEOS in place for the 2021-2030 period.

The plenary session in the morning will provide a tour of Europe, focusing on latest developments, key lessons learnt and upcoming challenges.

Two sessions will run in parallel in the afternoon: one restricted to public bodies on M&V systems, and one open to all discussing effective way to reach final customers.