Energy Efficiency & Renewables (EE & RE), Smart Cities

Start/Stop Date:
16–18 Apr 2019
Via Expo Ltd.
Inter Expo Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
Focus Areas:
energy efficiency, renewables, renewable energy, smart technologies, smart grid, IoT, biomass, biogas, ecology, cogeneration, energy storage, HVAC, e-mobility, biofuels, pellets, passive house, low energy building, geothermal energy, ICT, energy management
Type of Event:

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The EE & RE and Smart Cities exhibitions are a platform for many local and foreign companies to showcase their eco-friendly solutions for energy production and consumption, as well as products and practices that can turn our cities into more eco-friendly and effective systems. The events have the format “exhibition-conference” and are open to visitors from the sectors of automation, energy, construction, engineering, different industry branches, representatives of municipalities and government administration, HVAC, lighting, transport and logistics, IT and telecommunication, tourism, etc.

Another paralel event is Save the Planet exhibition and conference (recycling, waste management).