Recording of EPB webinar 5: Energy Performance of Buildings standards linked to health and wellbeing

Start/Stop Date:
16 Jun 2020
EPB Center & Build Up
On-line webinar
Focus Areas:
Overheating and ventilative cooling in buildings
Type of Event:

This was the 5th of a yearlong series of webinars throughout 2020 dealing with the set of EN and ISO standards that allow to assess the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) in a holistic manner. For more information on these standards in general, see

This webinar has introduced and demonstrated the definition of indoor climate and requirements with respect to other health related indoor conditions, as set out in one of the EPB standards, namely EN 16798-1. In particular, it has shown the (summer) thermal comfort requirements and how they can be evaluated by the calculation methods defined in the EPB standards.

In the frame of climate change, the overheating issue is getting more and more important for both health and productivity reasons, and strategies to avoid this by enhanced ventilative cooling need to be evaluated.

The recording of this webinar can be viewed here.

An overview of the other webinars of the series can be found here.