European Energy Security Forum - 2014

Start/Stop Date:
26 Sep 2014
Steigenberger Grand Hotel, Brussels, Belgium
Focus Areas:
Energy security, energy supply, renewable energy
Type of Event:


What makes EuroSEF an important meeting point for European energy industry stakeholders:

  1. The decision-makers from EU energy community will share with their plans and proposals on securing energy supply from international sources as well as on solving the puzzle of energy dependency of Europe. You will also receive original case studies from  the biggest energy consumers in EU showing that alternative sources of energy could be reliable and learn about the strategic priorities of leading EU energy companies.
  2. Ukrainian show case & panel discussion with the participation of decision-makers and high-level government representatives will give the latest updates on the situation around gas supply inside the country and its transportation to the European consumers, as well as the renewable energy strategy of Ukraine will be presented. Feedback from the world famous energy experts will help to discuss & make corrections starting right from the Conference day.
  3. Energy Security in force-majeure conditions will become one of the hottest question of the EuroSEF Agenda. The latest geopolitical events, that European energy sector should be prepared to any challenge – does not matter whether it is a disaster of nature of human made threatening.   The leading experts and government representatives will give the answers how to make provision of energy in terms of disaster, war or any other non-traditional situation.
  4. You will participate in creation of the New Energy Security Roadmap for Europe, presented and to be discussed on the Forum
  5. EuroSEF is a great place for strengthening of your business contacts. One day program, with excellent balance of business program with buffet and evening reception, create perfect conditions to spend your business day maximally usefully. Brussels as a venue of the Conference could be a perfect destination point to combine you participation in the Conference with other meetings and, that after Friday Conference to have a weekend in a beautiful capital of European Union.

EUROSEF - is the one single complex platform for:

  • World class scientists & experts of renewable energy sector
  • Decision-makers in the policy of European Union
  • Business leaders from energy sector connected with European markets
  • Mass media interested to receive in-depth analysis of “ state energy in/dependance” topic

Key sessions of the Forum

  • Current Status of Energy Supply and Security in Europe, Renewable Rennaisannce in Europe
  • Lessons learnt from financial markets and governments – potential and options of renewable energy
  • Discussion panel on Ukraine.  Solving  ’Ukrainian energy dependence puzzle‘: the real sources for russian natural gas and nuclear power substitution

  • Lessons  learnt from industry - what can business offer for fast running renewables (presentations)

  • From Energy Dependency to Energy Indepency – next steps to speed up the implementation of renewable energy

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