5th Annual GEI Greening the Economy

Start/Stop Date:
16 Mar 2010
Oxford University
Focus Areas:
Type of Event:

(including Green Jobs stream)
Subjects covered: Lifestyle changes, eco technology, geo engineering, carbon trading, a new world order, low carbon economies, internationaltrade. Bio fuels - friend or foe? REDDs, reforestation, debt for nature
swaps, green building and architecture. This conference debates these real dilemmas of today in the context of our global network of hundreds of specialists many of whom will be represented at the conference.
What does development really mean? (In the context of the DRC Congo and Ecuador)
What is a green job - and what is green wash?
What to do next about Climate change?

We led a delegation to the COP15 Climate Change Conference and ournetwork includes Nobel Prize Winners and negotiators. We tell you about what really happened and what you can do to get involved and help the
process. Exploring the new world order after Copenhagen, Discovering the new political blocks and power structures in international global governance Reporting back from our own lively delegation at Copenhagen COP15 Conference and looking forward to Mexico COP15 Climate Change Conference Civil Society. Where are we now? What is the meaning of protest? Who is really running the climate change debate? Sceptics—how they delayed an agreement, who are they?

Reforming the United Nations, legal reforms needed in the 21st century 21st century economics, beyond the Stern Report. How do we plan to prevent, adapt and mitigate for global environmental change. The future
of civilisation and the future of humanity, at the cross roads. Which road have we taken and what are the implications? Gender issues in the 21st century - the most urgent and pressing problem.

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