Heat Roadmap Europe workshop - flagship research on modelling for unlocking the decarbonising potential in heating and cooling

Start/Stop Date:
16 Mar 2018
European Commission Joint Research Centre Energy, Transport and Climate; Aalborg University; ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability
NEMO Science Museum, 2 Oosterdok 1011 VX Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Focus Areas:
Energy efficiency, decarbonisation of heating and cooling, district heating, energy transformation, energy system analysis
Type of Event:

Energy transition and heating and cooling systems are at the centre of energy policy-making at European and local government levels. The EU Heating and Cooling Strategy is the first EU initiative addressing the energy used for heating and cooling in buildings and industry. By making the sector smarter, more efficient and sustainable, energy imports and dependency will fall, costs will be cut and emissions will be reduced. At the local level, Smart City concepts have accelerated this trend and provide practical findings to evaluate new thermal solutions for low-carbon infrastructures and services.

In this workshop, scenario building and energy system analysis will be presented to provide scientific evidence for different decarbonisation pathways in Europe. For each of the 14 EU countries participating in HRE, scenario building helps understanding the role of energy technologies as well as the costs and benefits for the EU energy system under different sets of specific assumptions.

This event will inspire those who want to include integrated heating and cooling systems in their energy transition plans by providing state-of-the-art planning tools, solutions and insights.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Eva Hoos, Energy Efficiency Unit, DG Energy, European Commission
  • Astrid Madsen, City of Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Pär Dalin, Devcco, District Energy Venture, Sweden
  • Thomas Nowak, European Heat Pump Association
  • Tobias Fleiter, ISI Fraunhofer
  • Wouter Nijs, Joint Research Centre, European Commission
  • Brian Vad Mathiesen, HRE4 Coordinator, Aalborg University

The workshop is free of charge and will take place on Friday 16 March 2018 at NEMO Science Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Register here by 6 March 2018.