Heating, cooling and ventilation: How to achieve the largest savings in buildings pursuing the EU’s energy strategy

Start/Stop Date:
17 Jun 2015
Committee of the Regions, 5th floor (JDE 52), Brussels, Belgium
Focus Areas:
Heating, cooling and ventilation
Type of Event:

Buildings represent a priority sector in Europe’s sustainable energy policies, targeted by ambitious Directives and European standards. European goals and a supportive policy framework have guided research and innovation in the building sector in the last decade. Innovative technologies are available on the market enabling buildings’ energy use to be cut significantly, and contribute to the moderation of energy demand, which is a key priority of the EU’s Energy Union plan. Now it is time to mainstream the use of the developed cost-effective technologies and tools.

This workshop will explore how to use and deploy innovative building technologies to improve the energy efficiency of the European building stock, and will discuss the technology-related challenges that regions and cities face when planning and implementing large-scale energy refurbishments. The practice-oriented workshop will highlight innovative system solutions and good examples of smart and sustainable buildings and districts. The workshop will create a multi-stakeholder debate between representatives from industry, academia, regional authorities and policy makers about how to moderate the energy demand of the building sector in a cost-efficient way.


  • REHVA – the Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Associations
  • EHPA – the European Heat Pump Association
  • EPEE – The European Partnership for Energy and the Environment
  • EVIA – the European Ventilation Industry Association

Agenda and speakers:

  • EPBD review and EU policies for the improvement of buildings energy efficiency - Paul Hodson, Head of Unit, DG Energy (tbc)
  • Indoor environmental quality and energy efficient buildings - Frank Hovorka, REHVA
  • Supermarkets as an example of a winning smart grid appliance  - Torben Funder-Kristensen, EPEE
  • Heat pumps in the energy retrofit of buildings - Eric Delforge, EHPA
  • Demand controlled and heat recovery ventilation in high performance buildings - Claus Händel, EVIA
  • The role of cities and regions in the transition to high energy performance buildings - Christiane Egger, FEDARENE

Moderator: Sonja van Renssen, Energypost