How to shape energy policy so as to boost European competitiveness?

Start/Stop Date:
17 Nov 2014
In cooperation with DG Energy and DG Enterprise & Industry of the European Commission
Brussels, Belgium
Focus Areas:
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Europe is emerging from a deep financial and economic crisis and it is widely agreed that stronger European industrial competitiveness is vital as a driver for economic growth and job creation. In this regard, while ensuring the achievement of essential climate and environmental objectives, it is now recognised that it is imperative to ensure that EU energy policy is shaped in such a way as to guarantee, not only security of supply for all consumers, but also stable and affordable energy prices for European businesses.
This conference will offer the opportunity to analyse and discuss, among leading political and business actors, and free from any taboos, all the crucial and sensitive components of an EU energy policy that is able to contribute to boosting European industrial competitiveness: economic, financial and technological conditions required to develop renewable energy and other domestic energy resources in order to reduce European dependence on third-country suppliers; development of infrastructure and internal as well as cross-border interconnections; overhaul of national practices on energy levies, tax components of energy prices and network costs; completion and improvement of the functioning of the EU internal energy market; moderation of energy demand and increase of energy efficiency; adjustment of the EU emissions trading system (ETS); diversification of suppliers and supply routes; etc.


Organised only a few weeks after the European Parliament and the European Commission take office, and after the October European Council, which will largely be dedicated to EU energy policy, it is clear that this conference comes at a highly opportune time for debating the key issues surrounding the crucial challenge of boosting the competitiveness of the European economy.


Bringing together high-level representatives of national and European institutions, authorities, industry, research centres, academics and civil society, this event will offer a unique opportunity for public discussion between the main political decision-makers and industry CEOs and debate among participants. This one-day conference, divided into four main themes, will be followed by a VIP dinner, by invitation only.

Political speakers already invited

  • Günther Oettinger, Vice-President, European Commission
  • Federica Guidi, President of the EU Energy Council, Minister of Economic Development, Italy
  • Jerzy Buzek, Former President of the European Parliament, Chair of the Conference of committee Chairs, Chair of the ITRE Committee, European Parliament
  • Adina-Ioanna Vălean, Vice-President of the European Parliament
  • Elmar Brok, Chair, AFET Committee, European Parliament
  • Patrizia Toia, Vice-Chair, ITRE Committee, European Parliament
  • Mihai Tánásescu, Vice-President, European Investment Bank
  • Dominique Ristori, Director-General, DG ENER, European Commission
  • Daniel Calleja Crespo, Director-General, DG ENTR, European Commission
  • Jos Delbeke, Director-General, DG CLIMA, European Commission
  • Dr Fatih Birol, Chief Economist, Director, International Energy Agency

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