ICPE international conference on Benefits and Challenges of Public-Private Partnerships for Improving Energy Efficiency

Start/Stop Date:
24 Oct 2012
The International Center for Promotion of Enterprises (ICPE) in cooperation with Knowledge Economy Network (KEN)
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Focus Areas:
Benefits and Challenges of Public-Private Partnerships for Improving Energy Efficiency
Type of Event:

It is not a secret that healthy balance between the private and public sectors is a crucial factor for economic growth. It allows responding timely to changes in economic circumstances, shifts in regulatory framework, needs and priorities of the society. Moreover, scarcity of traditional resources for energy production and limited available renewable resources call for considerable attention and immediate actions from political leaders, businesses and civil society. Therefore, public-private partnerships in energy efficiency field should be further explored in an in-depth manner.

The International Conference keynote speaker Dr Pradeep Monga, Director of the Energy and Climate Change branch at UNIDO and other experts will equip participants with the fundamental concepts on public-private partnership (PPP) and energy efficiency and how the combination of these should be understood and approached in a given particular environment with specific economic, regulatory, social institutions and traditions to benefit society. Moreover, they will provide some valuable consideration and open the discussion on how to correct the prevailing misconceptions and misuse of PPP as an efficient tool.

Experts together with companies' senior executives already experienced in PPP, policy makers and regulators, financial institutions and regional development agencies will gather with the definite goal to identify specific ways to face some of the biggest contemporary global challenges in energy efficiency and opportunities provided by PPP. Experience sharing from different perspectives and analysis of good practices will enable the participants to provide concrete recommendations which will be adopted and disseminated to influential policy-makers, businesses and other stakeholders.

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