8th International Conference on Improving Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings IEECB'14

Start/Stop Date:
02–03 Apr 2014
Messe Frankfurt and the European Commission DG JRC in conjunction with the Building Performance Congress.
Frankfurt, Germany
Focus Areas:
Energy Efficiency, buildings
Type of Event:

The commercial buildings sector is one of the fastest growing energy consuming sectors. This is mainly due to the growth of commercial and public activities and their associated demand for heating, cooling ventilation (HVAC) and lighting. Moreover in the new economy, with a wide dissemination of information and communication technologies, information technology equipment and data centres are also an important and growing source of electricity consumption.

Greenhouse gas reduction is a common denominator of many countries' environmental policies and programmes. Commercial buildings are a key area where the CO2 reduction could be achieved in a cost effective manner, since it makes economic sense for the building owners and occupiers. As a consequence all actors need to take all necessary steps to disseminate good practice, foster investments in energy efficiency and provide technical solutions for the commercial building sector. This includes behaviour changes on how companies, architects, and building occupiers invest, design and operate non-residential buildings.

In Europe the recast of the EPBD requires a major effort to improve building energy performance, including existing building and will bring the energy performance of their buildings to the forefront of building market operators. This simultaneously presents an opportunity and challenge for energy efficiency and will create additional jobs and investments. Monitor and continuous improvement of energy performance of commercial building is another important issue in achieving real energy and carbon reductions.

The integration of distributed generation, district heating and cooling and renewable energy sources (RES), demand response and smart grids would enable further CO2 and energy saving and pave the way for Net Zero Energy Buildings. Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and facility management companies offer advanced solutions to monitor, manage and reduce the energy consumption in commercial buildings. Also number of local, regional and national policies and programmes have recently been implemented to achieve a long lasting market transformation, including white certificates, emission trading, and new financial incentives, including the Covenant of Mayors.

Following the success of the previous IEECB conferences we are pleased to announce the eighth:

International Conference on Improving Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings (IEECB’14)

jointly organised by Messe Frankfurt and the European Commission DG JRC in conjunction with the Building Performance Congress.

The IEECB’14 conference will take place on 2 and 3 April 2014 in Frankfurt during Light+Building, the world’s leading trade fair for Architecture and Technology, 30 March to 4 April 2014, in Frankfurt, Germany. Light+Building integrates the sectors related to building design – light, electrical engineering as well as home and building automation – at one trade fair. Integrated planning approaches and systems-linking interaction of various technical trades are no longer just a vision but a growing reality. Light+Building does justice to this with its unique international scope by presenting the subject in its entire breadth and depth. From investors to architects and engineers, up to specialist planners, process workers and operators, Light+Building is the number one industry event in 2014 for all experts involved in the conception, planning and management of buildings.

The IEECB conference seeks to bring together all the key players from this sector, including commercial buildings’ investors and property managers, energy efficiency experts and building technologies researchers, equipment manufacturers, service providers (ESCOs, utilities, facilities management companies) and policy makers, with a view to exchange information, to learn from each other and to network.

The wide scope of topics covered during the IEECB’14 conference includes: smart building and low energy buildings, (Nearly) Net Zero Energy Buildings, equipment and systems (lighting, HVAC auxiliary equipment, ICT & office equipment, miscellaneous equipment, BEMS, electricity on-site production, renewable energies, etc.) and the latest advances in energy efficiency programmes, regulation & policies for public and private sector commercial buildings.

In particular the conference aims to attract property investors, architects, and city planners to present and discuss synergies and cooperation in removing existing barriers to energy efficiency and smart buildings, as well as the importance of public buildings as showcase example for energy efficiency solutions and practices.

The IEECB conference aims at attracting high level papers presenting new technologies, techniques, services, policies, programmes and strategies to increase energy efficiency, energy savings and to reduce greenhouse gases emissions in non-residential buildings. The conference covers both new buildings as well as existing buildings..