IEPEC - Counting on energy efficiency - It's why evaluation matters!

Start/Stop Date:
08–10 Jun 2010
Focus Areas:
energy efficiency
Type of Event:


Energy efficiency and climate change are an increasingly important focus of policy for national, regional and local governments throughout Europe. Everyone recognises that effective evaluation is crucial; however, approaches differ between nations and programmes. The first IEPEC Europe-based Conference will be held in 2010. The conference will bring policymakers and evaluators from Europe and North America together to share best practice and to establish a strong and vibrant evaluation community. IEPEC Europe will be modelled on the successful non-profit North American IEPEC conference which has been a central feature of evaluation in North America since 1984.

The Planning Team:
The conference chairs will be Nigel Jollands (International Energy Agency) and Paolo Bertoldi (European Commission) and the organising committee includes policymakers and evaluators from throughout Europe.

Who Should Attend:
The conference will be held in Paris between June 8 and June 10, 2010. It is particularly suitable for:

1. Policymakers with programmes to improve energy efficiency and address climate change who
will be able to:

  • Meet and share experience with other policymakers who are interested in evaluation
  • Meet experienced evaluators
  • Learn about effective evaluation approaches taken in Europe and North America
  • Share experience with others regarding the use of evaluation to inform policy and deliver improved outcomes

2. Evaluation professionals involved in energy efficiency and climate change who will be able to:

  • Meet and share experience with other evaluation professionals
  • Meet policymakers with an interest in evaluation
  • Learn about the developing European energy policy environment and the implications for evaluation

Conference Schedule
Workshops/Networking Social: June 8
Opening Session: June 9
Poster Reception: June 9
Final Session: Late Afternoon June 10

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