IEPPEC 2014 call for abstracts - Connecting Evaluators (Implementers and Stakeholders) of Low Carbon Policies and Programmes 2014

Start/Stop Date:
16 Dec 2013
Umweltforum Auferstehungskirche Pufendorfstr. 11 | 10249 Berlin, Germany, Located near Check Point Charley
Focus Areas:
Policies, energy efficiency, energy savings, evaluation
Type of Event:

Policies and programmes for increased energy efficiency, energy savings and reduction of GHG emissions are ranked as top priorities by EU, IEA and UN to help the world face the critical issues of climate change and resource conservation.

The increasing focus on energy policy and programmes has resulted in more challenging objectives and growing investment. There is therefore a need to improve the assessment of potential and actual impacts and to really understand what works and what does not.

That's why high-quality evaluation practices are essential: to overcome the barrier due to the lack of confidence in the results, and to foster experience sharing.

Call For Abstracts is Now Open
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What We Are Looking For

We welcome papers on all aspects of evaluation from evaluators and policy makers; see the full list of topics. We're keen to stimulate debate about topical issues including:

  • How to generate robust compelling evidence that convinces other stakeholders?
  • Too many energy efficiency programs just don't work as well as expected. Why is this and how can we improve their effectiveness?
  • Government budgets are under massive pressure: how can we perform evaluation for less and how can program managers generate evidence of the value for money provided by their program?
  • What do we know about the actual impacts of the recent policies at national and international levels (e.g., National Energy Efficiency Action Plans, European Directives)?"

IEPPEC is the one and only peer reviewed paper conference dedicated exclusively to
evaluation issues. You can submit an abstract for the conference until December 16, 2013.  If selected, your paper will be peer reviewed and, following presentation at the
conference, ultimately published and posted on the IEPPEC website.

For more information please follow these links:
Programme Information
Abstract Submission Form
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From IEPEC to IEPPEC - Building the Evaluator's Professional Network
The North American IEPEC (International Energy Program Evaluation Conference) has organized conferences since the mid 1980's on alternate years. It has become a key event for the community and the peer-reviewed proceedings form a rich knowledge base freely available at

Since 2010, two conferences have been held in Europe in 2010 (Paris) and 2012 (Rome) with support of IEPEC. The 2014 event will be managed by a European Association, sister organization of IEPEC. Due to the broader scope of evaluation and especially the focus on policies, the name has been changed to International Energy Policies & Programmes Evaluation Conference (IEPPEC).
The IEPPEC Board of Directors:

Stefan Thomas -- Wuppertal Institute, Germany,
Charles Michaelis -- Databuild, UK,  
Jean-Sébastien Broc -- Iindependent Researcher, France,  
Piet Boonekamp -- ECN, the Netherlands