International Passive House Days

Start/Stop Date:
09–11 Nov 2012
International Passive House Association iPHA
Focus Areas:
Energy efficiency, buildings
Type of Event:

Experience the Passive House for yourself

  • Passive Houses offer unparalled comfort
  • Passive Houses keep so warm in the winter that you barely need to heat at all
  • Passive Houses keep pleasantly cool in the summer
  • You can apply the Passive House concept to any new or old building
  • Passive House techniques can be applied in any climate: hot or cold, dry or humid
  • Investing in the Passive House Standard pays off from the very first day

The International Passive House Days is put on by the International Passive House Association (iPHA) with support from its international partners and affiliates.

By opening Passive Houses to the public, the Passive House Days provide a chance for enthusiasts and newcomers alike to experience Passive Houses in all their variety, along with the comfort they offer, first hand. Private homes and non-residential buildings designed by a variety of different architects using various construction methods take part annually, opening their doors to the public. This annual event is a wonderful way to raise awareness about and interest in Passive Houses.

How it works:

Those with projects already registered on the international Passive House database need only list the dates and times that they would like to open their buildings to the public. Regional Passive House tours during the event can also be published on the database.

Many regions and cities offer additional side events such as workshops, informational sessions and lectures during the main event. Be sure to look out for such opportunities, many of which will be published on the iPHA site.

And if you would like to organise such an event, let iPHA know and we will be happy to help you promote local and regional events through the iPHA website and social media. To get in touch with other Passive House enthusiasts in your region in order to put on an event, just search the iPHA member database!

Register your project now!

The more that get involved, the better!

For projects that have already been registered with the Passive House Database,  simply fill out the information on Passive House Days viewing appointments.

For those with projects not yet registered with the Passive House Database, please register as soon as possible so as to ensure your inclusion in the 8th International Passive House Days! Detailed instructions on registering can be found here.

All participating projects and viewing details will be published on the Passive House Database as autumn 2012.