Investing 4 Cities: Opportunities and Solutions to finance home renovation in Europe

Start/Stop Date:
19 Jun 2019
GNE Finance and Ente Vasco de la Energia - The EuroPACE project
Liaison agency Flanders-Europe, Kortenberglaan 71, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Focus Areas:
Energy Efficiency Home Renovation
Type of Event:

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Home renovation is not just private business but a public priority. As such, a strong collaboration between the public and private sectors is critical to enable and deploy successful home renovation programmes that benefit all EU citizens.

This summit offers European cities and regional representatives the unique opportunity to learn from and interact with experts from home renovation programs. The event showcases lessons learnt, best practices, case studies and future developments in home renovation.

Sessions focus on the two critical elements of an effective home renovation programme: access to affordable financing and people-centric technical assistance.

Participants can expect to leave with the tools, knowledge and contacts to jump-start home renovation programs in their own territories.

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