Joint IEA Symposium on Demand Flexibility and RES Integration

Start/Stop Date:
09 May 2016
bmvit and Linz AG
LINZ AG, Wiener Straße 151, 4021 Linz, Austria
Focus Areas:
Demand Flexibility and RES Integration
Type of Event:

Demand side flexibility is needed in order to effectively integrate renewables and distributed generation in the future energy system. The enabling of flexibility involves many different aspects – from the technical capabilities of equipment (e.g. heat-pumps, storages, photovoltaic systems), consumer behavior to aggregation for market participation – and will lead to new services for the energy system. These aspects are targeted by various technology collaboration programs of the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Experts from this energy technology initiatives will discuss recent research results, technology options and international activities together with academics, distribution network operators and representatives from industry.

Keynote: Jean-Francois Gagne,
Head of Energy Technology Policy Division,
International Energy Agency (t.b.c.)

Venue: LINZ AG, Wiener Straße 151, 4021 Linz, Austria
Contact: Matthias Stifter ( and
René Kamphuis ( –
Operating Agents IEA DSM Task 17

The symposium is organized and supported by IEA DSM Task 17: Integration of Demand Side Management, Distributed Generation, Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Storages.

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