Leaving no one behind: how to enable private finance for renovation within positive energy neighbourhood projects?

Start/Stop Date:
3 Jun 2024
Focus Areas:
Financing, positive energy building, policy, energy poverty
Type of Event:

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The path to achieving EU climate and energy targets should be equitable and inclusive to leave no one behind in the transition. The EU aims to achieve a fully decarbonised building stock by 2050, which requires a renovation rate of 3% per year and an increased share of deep renovations. According to the European Commission, 35 million building units must be renovated by 2030 in the EU. How can we ensure that the financial burden doesn’t fall disproportionately on those least able to afford it and that vulnerable households or SMEs are not excluded? 

On Monday, 3rd June from 10:00-12:00 CEST, we will explore this question in a public roundtable with experts from policy, finance, research, and regional government. Using Positive Energy Neighbourhoods (PEN) as an example of innovative ways to deliver renovations, we will discuss opportunities and bottlenecks to access private finance and invest in PEN-like projects to generate inclusive and sustainable benefits for all stakeholders. We invite experts from the financial, energy and building sectors, policymakers, public authorities and other interested individuals to join us online for an engaging dialogue. 



10:00 Welcome words by BPIE

Session 1: Presentations & Reactions 

10:10 Financial instruments for building renovations and the role of the public sector in de-risking investments and engaging vulnerable households – Adrien Bullier (CINEA) and reaction by Christine Zhou (Financial sector)

10:30 Key barriers and bottlenecks for the financial sector to invest in PEN-like projects – Christine Zhou (BwB) and reaction by Pieter Bosmans (Construction sector)

10:50 Insights from Genk oPEN Living Lab: opportunities & bottlenecks for accessing private finance – Pieter Bosmans (VITO)

11:00 Opengela One-Stop Shop: mix of public grants, loans and guarantees to make renovations accessible for all – Borja Gumuzio (GNE Finance)

11:10 Session 2: Panel discussion (40 min)

Participants: Adrien Bullier (CINEA), Pieter Bosmans (VITO), Borja Gumuzio (GNE Finance), Jannika Aalto (Green Digital Finance Alliance)

Moderation: Julie Emmrich (WGBC)

11:50 Closing remarks by BPIE