Low CVP Annual Conference 2019: Future Fuels on the Road to Zero

Start/Stop Date:
08 Jul 2019
Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership
One Birdcage Walk London SW1H 9JJ
Focus Areas:
Future fuels
Type of Event:

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Visit the LowCVP Conference page here

Over 99% of the UK's vehicle fleet is still combustion engine-powered and a high percentage will continue to be for some years to come. It's vital to tackle these in order to reduce emissions as much as possible while they're still in operation on UK roads.

The LowCVP's 2019 Annual Conference, taking place in Westminster, London on Monday, July 8th, will focus on the low carbon fuels agenda; acknowledging the momentum behind moves to 'electrify everything', while analysing which other fuel types can support the drive to cut emissions in the short, medium and long-term as well as which policy interventions are required to support them.

The event will feature discussions around sustainable biofuels, hydrogen and new generation, low emission fuels.


The LowCVP Conference will form part of a two-day fuels-focused event (8-9th July). Sponsored by Shell, the LowCVP Conference 2019 is held in collaboration with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and in association with the Renewable Energy Association (REA).

The LowCVP 2019 Annual Conference is a part of London Climate Action Week (1-8 July) which is supported by the Mayor of London.

The two events focusing on future fuels will be co-located at One Birdcage Walk. Monday's "Future Fuels on the Road to Zero" will focus on fuels policy. Tuesday's "Low Carbon Transport: Engineering the Fuels of the Future", run by IMechE, will focus on fuels practice, technology and emissions testing.

Visit the LowCVP Conference page here

The 2019 LowCVP Conference is being held in association with the Renewable Energy Association who will be collaborating in a parallel discussion on the role of next generation fuels during the afternoon session.