Low hanging fruit in decarbonisation of buildings? Wastewater Heat Recovery (WWHR) systems

Start/Stop Date:
26 Nov 2020
European Copper Institute | Leonardo ENERGY
Focus Areas:
heat recovery, domestic hot water, decarbonisation, building energy performance
Type of Event:

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The 23rd webinar on the Low Carbon Economy

Every day, more than 22,000,000 m³ of hot water are consumed by European homes alone. It is a major source of energy consumption for new housing, and yet 80 percent of this heat ends up in sewers and is wasted.

Considering hot water is mostly used in showers, recovering waste heat from shower drains could be a simple way to save up to 70 percent wasted energy and related CO2 emissions.

This webinar takes place as the 23rd event in the series on solutions for a low-carbon economy. You can access recordings and slides for 22 other solutions online.


  • Robert Pinter, European Copper Institute
  • Hugo Durou, WWHR Europe