Microgrid Global Innovation Forum 2015: energy storage for microgrids

Start/Stop Date:
16–17 Sep 2015
Smart Grid Observer
IL3 Instituto de Formacion Continua Universitat de Barcelona Districte 22, Ciutat de Granada, 131 08108 Barcelona
Focus Areas:
Energy storage for microgrids
Type of Event:

The Microgrid Global Innovation Forum 2015 in Barcelona brings together energy professionals who are refining the business model and maximizing the performance of hybrid renewable energy systems in off-grid and grid-connected environments.

This industry-open, technology neutral event is a unique opportunity to interact closely with fellow practitioners and researchers who are pushing the envelope of sustainable energy microgrids for the future network.  See microgridinnovation.com for full details.

Special Focus: Energy Storage for Microgrids

Advances in storage are making microgrids more effective as an enabler of clean, sustainable energy for rural and off-grid scenarios.  Focused sessions on flow batteries, flywheels, solar + storage, optimum power planning, and testing of full-scale energy storage systems will bring you up to speed on key enabling technologies.

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