MILEN 2012 Conference - Advancing the research and policy agendas on sustainable energy and the environment

Start/Stop Date:
22–23 Nov 2012
University of Oslo
University of Oslo, Bilndern Campus
Focus Areas:
Policy, technology
Type of Event:

The goal of the 2012 conference is articulated in the title: to advance research and policy agendas on sustainable energy and the environment.  In addition we expect the conference to provide a forum for the presentation of cutting edge research; to stimulate interdisciplinary cooperation; and to solidify and expand MILENs international network.

The conference will take place over two full days on the University of Oslo campus. There will be 3 keynote addresses, several plenary and parallel sessions, and ample opportunities for informal discussions. We are expecting around 100 participants and 40 – 50 papers, which will be selected based on an assessment of abstracts.

Conference themes

Transforming practices
If we are to make progress towards a lower energy using and lower environmental impacting society, significant changes will be necessary in the practices of households, researchers, policy makers and businesses.  We are interested in new thinking on how to make these transformations happen and papers which present and analyze cases or examples of successful transformations.

Implementing technologies
There is a dire need for accelerated implementation of technologies which contribute to the amelioration of energy-related environmental challenges (e.g. renewable energy technologies, carbon storage and end-use technologies) without causing significant socio-economic or environmental side-effects. We are interested in papers which address the scientific, political, economic, environmental and societal challenges associated with implementation of sustainable energy technologies.

Stimulating natural and social science interaction on innovative policy
There are many examples on how natural scientists and social scientists have cooperated in the fruitful development of new policy instruments (such as critical environmental loads, carbon taxes and green certificates). But what characterizes successful interdisciplinary cooperation? We are interested in papers which illustrate how interdisciplinary research can generate synergy and generate new perspectives and/or new policy frameworks. Papers should take up either ideas or cases (examples) which illustrate how natural and social science can work together to contribute to the development of more effective policies in the domains of sustainable energy, climate change and the resolution other critical environmental challenges.

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