Launching ceremony of the "New Covenant of Mayors

Start/Stop Date:
15 Oct 2015
Covenant of Mayors and Mayors Adapt
Hemicycle of the European Parliament, Altiero Spinelli Building, Rue Wiertz 60, Brussels
Focus Areas:
2030 CO2 reduction
Type of Event:

New 2030 CO2 reduction objective, streamlining of EU climate goals, and universal access to sustainable energy to be endorsed by hundreds of cities ahead of COP21

Hundreds of Mayors and city representatives will gather in the hemicycle of the European Parliament on 15 October to endorse the 2030 EU climate and energy objectives, the joint tackling of climate change mitigation and adaptation as well as principles of universal access to sustainable and affordable energy.

The Covenant of Mayors governance model will be reinforced as a crucial EU contribution on the road to Paris and beyond. Characterised by a unique collaborative system, the Covenant was launched in 2008, marking the first time the European Commission directly associated local elected leaders in the implementation of EU policies. Six years on, it has exceeded all expectations with over 6,000 cities voluntarily committed to going beyond EU targets through the implementation of sustainable energy action plans.

Three new dimensions: Integration, 2030 horizon and global scope of action
Building on the success of the Covenant of Mayors model, a parallel process –“Mayors Adapt" - was initiated in 2014 to go beyond energy and CO2 reduction and tackle adaptation to climate change, considering cities’ vulnerability as major centres of population and infrastructure.

In this crucial climate year, cities have now expressed a determination to address both climate mitigation and adaptation jointly under a renewed Covenant of Mayors strategy.

As part of a broader consultation process, Covenant of Mayors signatory cities also indicated ambition to reduce their local emissions by at least 40% by 2030, in line with the new energy and climate package adopted by EU heads of states.

In addition, the Covenant of Mayors is enlarging its scope. EU cities committing to the “new Covenant” will, inter alia, formally endorse the principle of “ensuring universal access to secure, sustainable and affordable energy services for all”. 

From an international perspective, the Covenant is attracting cities beyond Europe and has just become an official “data partner” of NAZCA, the UNFCCC platform registering the commitments of all non-state actors, offering a global showcase into the actions of its 6,000 signatory cities.

The Ceremony will be hosted by Energy and Climate Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete with expected statements from Presidents Jean Claude Juncker and Martin Schulz. Key city representatives to address the ceremony should include the Mayors of Paris, Florence, Gent, Nantes and Brussels Environment Minister.

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Journalists and media representatives not accredited to the EU are invited to register before 11 October through  this link.

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