One-Stop-Shop Success Stories: Increasing Citizen Participation in Home Renovation

Start/Stop Date:
27 Jan 2022
Climate Alliance
Focus Areas:
One-Stop-Shops for Home Renovation
Type of Event:

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Home renovation one-stop shops (OSS) function as citizen advice and support hubs which help to increase energy renovation rates, decarbonize the private building stock, improve citizen wellbeing, combat energy poverty and facilitate the Renovation Wave in Europe. Despite their potential to play a pivotal role in greening the EU’s future, citizen engagement via OSS has been limited and must therefore be improved if building renovation targets are to be met by 2030. As such, during this interchange amongst EU projects, industry experts will frame the issue of citizen engagement, discuss real challenges, and provide guidelines based on success stories which can be used to further replicate successful OSS models within all Member States.
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Who should attend and why?
Cities, regions, public authorities, policy makers, and EU-funded projects interested in setting up residential renovation programs or sustainable renovation practices within Europe are welcome to join.


Moderator: Masha Tarle, Communications Coordinator of PadovaFIT Expanded, Climate Alliance


  1. Keynote by Christophe Milin, project officer at CINEA and author of Integrated Home Renovation Services paper. 
  2. Giovanni Vicentini, Sustainability Technical Officer at the Municipality of Padovasharing the PadovaFIT Expanded experience.
  3. Matteus Arinaga of the Flemish Energy Agency, sharing the BeReel! Experience.
  4. Alice Morcrette, Director of REGIE REGIONALE DU SERVICE PUBLIC DE L'EFFICACITE ENERGETIQUE de PICARDIE sharing the Hautes-de-France Pass Renovation experience. (TBC)