PCF World Forum - special update workshop on French environmental labelling scheme

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23 Jun 2010
PCF World Forum
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French environmental labelling scheme
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The announcement of France to introduce a mandatory environmental labelling scheme for products in 2011 has raised significant international attention from businesses, governments and civil society alike. Following up on developments in France is not trivial, given the extent of the scheme and the number of organisations involved.

The recent decision by the French National Assembly to postpone the start of the scheme by half a year and to introduce an experimental phase introduced more clarity on the next steps but also raised new questions. It is now time to take a closer look at the French plan and its implications for international businesses and stakeholders.

The PCF World Forum will therefore host a special update workshop on the French environmental labelling scheme on June 23 in Berlin. The workshop aims at shedding light on questions such as:

  • What does the decision by the French National Assembly actually mean?
  • What is the progress of the project so far? What has been agreed upon, what issues are still open?
  • What product categories are concerned and when?
  • What environmental indicators are assessed for the different product categories?
  • What does the scheme mean for international companies with and without activities in France?
  • What does the scheme mean for SMEs?
  • How will the scheme influence EU and member states policy?
  • What do we learn from pilot projects undertaken in preparation of the scheme?
  • How detailed will the assessments be? What tools are developed to decrease efforts involved in assessing the environmental indicators?
  • What will the communication format look like?
  • How do different interest groups view the initiative?

The workshop will therefore provide an outstanding opportunity to deep-dive into and shape your opinion on the French plans with participants from business, politics and civil society.

To provide workshop participants with up-to-date insights on the French developments, we are very happy to have secured Olivier Jan, Director of Bio Intelligence Service, as distinguished speaker and expert of the French developments for the workshop. Bio Intelligence Service is involved in many of the core discussions and studies in France and has undertaken pilot studies and projects for French retailer Casino and the French retail and food federations. Bio Intelligence Service is furthermore strongly involved in the methodological work led by ADEME.

The workshop is facilitated by Rasmus Priess, Co-Founder of the PCF World Forum and closely involved in many of the international discussions on product carbon footprinting. To promote intensive dialogue and learning, participants are invited to submit questions on the French scheme beforehand to be discussed at the workshop.

Places for the 1-day interactive workshop are limited to ensure an intensive round-table discussion and are given out on a first come first serve basis. For registration please register online

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