Renovate Europe Day – REDay2013

Start/Stop Date:
09 Oct 2013
Renovate Europe
Morning: Thon Hotel, afternoon debate: Committee of the Regions
Focus Areas:
Buildings, energy efficiency
Type of Event:

The Renovate Europe Campaign is delighted to invite you to the Renovate Europe Day 2013 event on the 9th October 2013 in Brussels

Registration is now open!

REDay is divided into 2 events:

  1. The Morning Conference: “Designing Ambitious Renovation Programmes in the EU” will take place in the Thon Hotel, Brussels. This lively event that is part of the official Lithuanian Presidency Calendar, will focus on how to implement renovation roadmaps and unlock financing for energy efficiency in buildings.
  2. The Afternoon Debate: “Investing in Energy Efficient Renovations for Europe’s Regions” will take place in the Committee of the Regions as part of ‘OpenDays’ organised by the Committee of the Regions and the European Commission. This debate will focus on public and private funding mechanisms already in place to unlock the energy efficiency potential of the existing building stock in the EU.

Please find the DRAFT programme of the day here

To Register

  • Morning Conference at Thon Hotel: Here
  • Afternoon Debate at the Committee of the Regions: Here
    Note: The Code of the Afternoon Debate is 09C20

Event Objectives

The Energy Efficiency Directive (EDD), which entered into force in December 2012, aims to help Member States achieve the EU climate and energy targets through, among other things, renovation of the existing building stock. It has been estimated that when applied the Directive will stimulate investments and create jobs. If 2050 targets are to be met, the energy demand of the existing EU building stock must be reduced by 80% as compared to 2005 levels. This means that Member States need to scale up their renovation rate from the current average of 1% to more than 3% per year and they will need to ensure that all renovations are deep or staged deep renovations. They will only be able to achieve this goal if the necessary financing mechanisms and market drivers are in place.

It is for this reason that REDay2013 will:

  • Provide a platform of exchange on the need for deep renovations and ambitious implementation of Article 4 of the EED
  • Highlight the multiple benefits of deep renovations, including improved health, and related health-cost savings; job creation; finance/investment opportunities; climate and energy benefits
  • Demonstrate through concrete examples of roadmaps and finance models that deep renovation is the necessary next step for the building sector’s contribution towards climate and energy targets

Who should attend?

Addressing energy efficiency in buildings will deliver multiple benefits, beyond the known environmental and climate ones. It will boost employment (direct and indirect creation of local jobs); public finances; health and health budgets and finance it will provide and investment opportunities. Therefore REDay2013 will interest all the relevant  European Commission services, such as DG ENER, DG SANCO, DG EMPL, DG REGIO; DG ENV; DG CLIMA; Permanent Representatives of Member States; representatives of relevant National Ministries, representatives of cities and regions; industry; the construction value chain; Investors; Banks; Financers, and NGOs.