ACE Energy Day

Start/Stop Date:
07 Jun 2018
Architects' Council of Europe
Thon Hotel EU - Rue de la Loi 75
Focus Areas:
Architecture and Building Performance
Type of Event:

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In our data-driven economy, digitalisation and the growing use and demand for data has been transformative. The collection and use of building performance data is still at embryonic stages but is expected to contribute hugely to reducing building operation costs, improving building performance, increasing occupant comfort.

The objective is to discuss the following issues and questions:

–    Does good data enable better architecture?

 –    How much is too much - what data do we need to improve building performance?

–    Is a smart building a healthier building?

–    Can data help engage occupants and operators with energy efficiency?

 –    Smart or green? What are the risks of automation?

–    Is automation needed to create a step change in renovation rates?

–    Can automated data collection reduce regulatory burden?

–    Should building performance data underpin green finance?

–    Can architecture create a step-change in building performance?