Uptake of Solar PV energy through net metering

Start/Stop Date:
25 Jun 2014
Cyprus Energy Agency
Energy House, Rue d'Arlon 63-67, 1040 Brussels, Belgium
Focus Areas:
Energy policy for RES, smart net metering
Type of Event:


This European event is about the promotion of Photovoltaic energy and it is related with the development of an improved energy policy for RES, that can include the best and cost efficient way of up taking the PV technology. Focusing on optimizing intelligent energy management systems in order to create alternative, affordable, sustainable measures for European consumers and harmonizing and reassessing the existing Support Schemes. The smart net metering can be the best energy policy for the further promotion of electricity produced from RES.

Why participate:

This is a very important event not to be missed, where politicians, experts, professionals, policy makers, EU officials, universities and other key groups, share experiences and prove they can work together towards an improved energy policy for PV solar energy.

Who should attend:

  • Decision makers, policy developers, interested in exchanging ideas
  • Representatives of European and international organisations willing to share relevant experiences
  • Experts and professionals
  • Individuals who wish to be informed about recent developments
  • Academia and researchers
  • Local authorities and representatives

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