The EU Commission’s new proposals for the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) energy savings obligation

Start/Stop Date:
15 Sep 2021
Samuel Thomas
Focus Areas:
Energy Efficiency Directive energy savings obligation; EU Law; energy poverty; climate change
Type of Event:

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The ENSMOV consortium is organising a webinar to discuss the proposed changes to the Energy Efficiency Directive energy savings obligation (Article 8, formerly 7). The proposals aim to align the obligation with the EU’s 55% net emissions reduction goal in 2030 and would inter alia in 2024:

  • introduce a new obligation for all Member States to make new annual savings equivalent to 1.5% of final energy consumption each year until 2030, replacing the current requirement to make new annual energy savings of 0.8% each year;
  • require Member States to achieve a proportion of their energy savings among people affected by energy poverty, vulnerable customers or people living in social housing;
  • not count energy savings from policy measures regarding the direct combustion of fossil fuel technologies; and
  • carry over outstanding energy savings in the case where targets are not met.


At the webinar the EU Commission will present the new proposals, followed by responses from our panel and Q&A, based on questions from you, the audience participants.


Participation is free upon registration at the following link here


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with information about joining the webinar.


Agenda (CET)

10.00 The ENSMOV project, Vlasis Oikonomou, IEECP

10.10 The new proposals for Article 7 (now 8) EED, Anne-Katherina Weidenbach, EU Commission

10.30 Responses

            Arianna Vitali, Secretary General, Coalition for Energy Savings            

Marine Cornelis, Executive Director, Next Energy Consumer

Peter Bach, Chair, IEA Energy Efficiency Working Party and former President, eceee*

10.45 Panel discussion and audience Q&A

11.30 End of workshop

Chair: Samuel Thomas, RAP


* Peter Bach is speaking in a personal capacity.