The Ins and Outs of Financing: Home Renovation One-Stop-Shops

Start/Stop Date:
29 Mar 2022
Climate Alliance
Focus Areas:
One-Stop-Shops for Home Renovation
Type of Event:

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Home renovation one-stop shops (OSS) have been recognized by the EU commission as an important catalyst for renovating Europe’s building stock by 2030. As such, within this webinar, we hope to help those looking to set up an OSS or to advance their current renovation offers by discussing the particularities related to financing of one-stop-shop services. OSS and home renovation experts will share their successful business models that are responsible for generating the funds required to run internal operations, as well as the financing offers for citizens looking to sustainably renovate their homes. Questions to be answered include:

  • What does each business model canvas look like?
  • What is the greatest financial challenge faced by each OSS/program in terms of financing home renovations? What has been the greatest barrier that has been overcome by the respective financing models?
  • How income be sustained to run operations past EU-funding/crowdfunding?
  • What are the lessons learned related to the financing models? To learn the answers to these questions, register below!

Who should attend and why?

Cities, regions, public authorities, policy makers, and EU-funded projects interested in setting up residential renovation programs or sustainable renovation practices within Europe are welcome to join.

Moderator: Alessandro Asmundo, Research and Policy Officer at Forum Finanza Sostenibile


  1. Alessandra Montanelli, Consultant at SINLOC sharing the experience of the PadovaFIT Expanded.
  2. Eduard Puig, Co-founder of GNE Finance, sharing the experience of EuroPACE and Opengela.
  3. Salma Lasri, Director of RenoWatt.
  4. Sergio Pedolazzi, COO of ENER2CROWD, sharing their crowdfunding experience.


5 minute introduction to session by moderator

10 minutes presentation from each speaker

45 minute Q&A with audienc