The LAUNCH Investor Forum

Start/Stop Date:
27 Nov 2019
LAUNCH H2020 project
BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV – 2 rue de la Chancellerie, 1000 Brussels
Focus Areas:
Energy Efficiency finance, securitization, aggregation, ESCO sales process
Type of Event:

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Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) has been in use in the European Union since the 1980s. However, the market remains splintered and underdeveloped. Despite political pledges, grant funding, and goodwill of market players to “aggregate” and “scale up”, the industry at large continues to think small - on a project-by-project basis. Unfortunately, small thinking is now proving to be a significant barrier to growth of the entire industry and to meeting EU climate targets. Speed and scale are not being reached. Energy Performance Contracting – including the assets attached to these contracts – has not become a securitizable asset class in its own right, such as residential or commercial mortgages.

Securitization is an indicator of market maturity and an enabler, reducing transaction time. To reach securitization – market forces must mobilize from across the value chain – from project development to finance to credit rating agencies.

The aim of the LAUNCH Investor Forum is to think BIG – by mobilizing industry forces and fostering dialogue between key market players on why EPC has not yet been securitized – and what is needed to achieve securitization of Sustainable Energy Assets under EPC contracts.

The November 27 event will take place at the headquarters of BNP Paris Fortis in Brussels and will feature:

Presentation of the LAUNCH H2020 project which aims to securitize Sustainable Energy Assets

Plenary session including representatives from the European Investment Bank, Fitch Ratings, and AFME - the Association of Financial Markets for Europe

• “Lighting raise” session – project developers, project financiers and equity capital providers will have the opportunity to pitch to each other and provide feedback in front of a live audience.