The Multiple Impacts of Energy Efficiency: Environmental Indicators

Start/Stop Date:
1 Jun 2023
MICAT Project
Focus Areas:
Environmental indicators in energy efficiency
Type of Event:

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This webinar will focus on the presentation of MICAT’s environmental indicators, their relevance and areas for improvement based on the case studies and modelling outcomes carried out within MICAT.

Results will then be distilled to policy lessons, where audience members will be asked to validate the findings based on their experiences during a 30 minute Q&A session.

Key topics
• Overview of energy savings, material resource savings, as well as global and local pollutant impact categories
• Overview of environmental indicators: selection process, data sources, outcome of modelling etc.
• Relevance to the environment
• Relevance to policy making

Who should attend and why?
Policy makers, research institutions, EU-funded projects and other national or international stakeholders who are interested in understanding the multiple impacts that energy efficiency can have within Europe are welcome to join.

Moderator: Diedert Debusscher (European Copper Institute)