Webinar: How to make the best technology even better, BAT becomes BAT+

Start/Stop Date:
11 Feb 2015
DSM University in collaboration with Leonardo Energy
Webinar 15:00 - 16:00 CET
Focus Areas:
technology procurement, energy efficient products
Type of Event:

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About the webinar:
Technology Procurement where industry is challenged to produce technologies better than what the market presently provides has been used in Sweden, Europe and in the US with stunning results, BAT is made BAT+. The method has been commonly used in the military sector and for large infrastructure but can be applied with success also on “fragmented” markets for energy efficient technologies.

A procedure for collaborative procurement actions for the introduction of innovative, more energy efficient products was developed and tested in a number of pilot projects by the IEA DSM-Programme. Concrete results included a clothes drier with the energy use cut by half (the first “Class A” drier), electric motors with losses reduced by 20-40%, and a “copier of the future” where the energy use was reduced down to 25%.

Hans Nilsson Speaker: Hans Nilsson
Hans Nilsson has worked with energy issues since 1966. His experience covers energy supply, distribution, planning and energy efficiency both from a policy, management and programme implementation point of view. He has worked within several sorts of organisations such as municipality owned utilities, government agencies, intergovernmental organisations, private companies and business associations.

The work has to a large extent been related to international issues and international co-operation both for business and for NGOs. Mr Nilsson has worked with the IEA secretariat for 5 years and has been the chairman of the IEA DSM Programme.

Moderator: Hans De Keulenaer
Hans de Keulenaer is Director of Energy & Electricity at the European Copper Institute (ECI), a non-profit organisation workng towards the support and expansion of copper and copper alloy’s markets in Europe. He has over 25 years of experience in running international campaigns for companies and international organisations in the industrial sector. His current interests are sustainable energy systems, e-learning, quality of supply, smart & age-adaptive buildings and energy regulation.